The Power of Protein

Nutrition is supremely important for proper wound healing.  As I often tell my patients, wound healing is similar to construction.  To build your structure, you need your 2x4s and steel beams.  Protein is the biological equivalent.  Protein itself is made of molecules known as amino acids.  There are 20 human amino acids, and they are divided into three groups.  There are essential, non-essential, and conditional amino acids.  This is in reference to whether your body can make the amino acid from other building blocks in your diet.  Non-essential amino acids can be made by your body, and essential amino acids cannot be made by your body.  Conditional amino acids usually can be made by your body.  However, in times of sickness, they may become conditional.  Thus, these conditional amino acids, because they may be otherwise lacking in a patient’s diet, are of particular concern in a patient with a wound.  For my patients, I often start with an amino acid supplement such as JUVEN, ARGINAID, and or LIQUACEL.  I often follow up with a nutritionist consultation to assess further.  Do these supplements taste good, one might ask?  Well, they do if you get creative!  Here are some ideas for tasty protein drinks! 


Mango Peach Colada 

Combine all the ingredients other than the cherry into a blender or cocktail shaker.  Mix.  Add a cherry for garnish. 


Protein Martini 

Pour ingredients into shaker, add ice and shake.  Pour into glass 


Melon Mojito 

Pour ingredients into the shaker, add ice and shake.  Pour into glass 


Iced Tea 

Pour ingredients into shaker, add ice and shake.  Pour into glass. 


Acknowledgements: Thanks to are friends at Global Health Products for the fabulous ideas! 

Mateusz Andrzej Lapucha Dr. Lapucha is a wound care surgeon and clinical research specialist in Wound Care Experts' consulting subsidiary, WCR. He attended Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans and did his internship at UMC "Charity" Hospital in New Orleans. He moved to Las Vegas for residency and grew to love the desert! His current research interests include near-infrared spectroscopy and novel autograft technology.

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