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Located in southern Nevada, just outside of the Las Vegas Strip, WCR is the clinical research subsidiary of Wound Care Experts.  We are conducting phase III and IV studies, as well as post market studies.  This allows us access to cutting-edge products and technology for the benefit of our patients.  We provide quality high enrollment and high retention rates in all the studies we participate.

We provide excellent care to patients who want to participate in clinical research trials. Our team consists of experienced physicians & coordinators, which together, provide high quality research medicine for the participating subjects.  We bring the highest quality of clinical research conduct within the context of GCP and FDA regulations.


Ongoing Studies

We are currently evaluating patients that are dealing with hard to heal:

  • diabetic foot ulcer 
  • venous ulcers 
  • post-surgical wounds


Explore our libraries of Case Studies and Publications


Initial Experience using an Autologous
Blood Clot to Promote Closure in Chronic
Pressure Ulcerations


Ovine Forestomach Matrix is Efficacious
in the Closure of Chronic Wounds



Disposable NPWT Cost and Patient Satisfaction Analysis



Use of Plant Based Stem Cell Nanotechnology on Diabetic Lower Extremity Wounds

Use of Plant Based Stem Cell Nanotechnology on Non-healing Chronic Wounds

Tissue Regeneration and Wound Healing Utilizing Plant Based Stem Cell Nanotechnology in Patients Nonresponsive to NPWT


The Sunday – Battling an Epidemic of Wounds That Won’t Heal

Puracol Plus, Wahab et al., Clinical Wound Specialists

The Use of a Superabsorbent Three Layer Wicking Wound Dressing to Manage Diabetic Wounds in a Long-Term Care Facility


The Use of a Medical Grade Honey Impregnated Foam Dressing to Maintain a Moist Healing Environment for the Promotion of Autolytic Debridement and for the Absorbance of Exudate in a Long-Term Care Facility



Opticell Ag+ 2014 Wahab LIT017WC



Promotion of Autolytic Debridement by Maintaining a Moist Wound Healing Environment via the use of Medical Grade Honey* in a Long Term Acute Care Setting

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