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Chronic non-healing wounds are a major health care problem, but stem cells may be the solution. Board-certified physician and wound care specialist Naz Wahab, MD, and her team at Wound Care Experts in Las Vegas, Nevada, use progressive, research-supported techniques like stem cells. Dr. Wahab has published multiple clinical research studies on the role of plant-based stem cell nanotechnology in wound healing. To learn more about stem cells for wound healing from an expert team, call or book an appointment online today.

Stem Cell Q & A

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are a category of cells that have the special ability to differentiate, or turn into other types of cells. For example, a single stem cell may become another stem cell, or it may turn into a specialized cell like skin or bone. 

Where do stem cells come from?

Stem cells may come from a variety of places. Your body contains stem cells in certain tissues, including fat and bone marrow. You may also get stem cells from a donor. 

Plants also contain stem cells. Dr. Wahab and her team have performed extensive research on plant-based stem cells as a treatment for non-healing wounds. She’s published several clinical research studies using plant stem cells from green tea.

How do stem cells help wound healing?

Dr. Wahab used stem cells from green tea to develop a 100% bio-sustainable and biodegradable membrane. This innovative device covers the wound and allows stem cells to enter your body. 

Then, the plant stem cells signal your own cells to stimulate healing. Additionally, stem cells help to remove bacteria and debris from the wound and reduce swelling.

In one of Dr. Wahab’s studies, six patients with chronic wounds that had lasted an average of four months experienced significant improvement within seven weeks. Five of those six patients achieved complete wound closure. All of them had previously tried negative pressure wound therapy for two weeks without improvement. 

What types of wounds do stem cells treat?

Dr. Wahab and the team at Wound Care Experts use stem cells to treat a variety of wounds, including:

  • Chronic non-healing wounds
  • Non-healing amputations
  • Diabetic wounds and ulcers

They always consider the most conservative treatments first, such as nutritional counseling and negative pressure wound therapy. If your wound is particularly severe or if it doesn’t improve with other treatments, you may be a good candidate for stem cells. 

Why are stem cells important for wound healing?

Stem cells are an innovative and sustainable approach to healing wounds that resist other forms of treatment. Stem cells are safe for delicate tissues as well as patients with multiple health concerns, such as malnutrition. 

Dr. Wahab and her team provide wound care consulting services for medical providers as well as comprehensive wound management for patients in hospitals and outpatient facilities. 

To find out how stem cells for wound healing can help you, call Wound Care Experts or book an appointment online today.