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Skin ulcers can become infected and lead to serious complications, such as amputation. At Wound Care Experts in Las Vegas, Nevada, board-certified physician Naz Wahab, MD, and her skilled team provide advanced treatments for skin ulcers. They also offer wound care consulting services for health care providers in hospitals and outpatient wound care centers. Call or book an appointment online today to learn more about effective wound care for skin ulcers.

Ulcer Q & A

What are skin ulcers?

An ulcer is just another name for a wound that doesn’t want to heal.  There are many types of ulcers.

What are the different types of skin ulcers?

Dr. Wahab and the team at Wound Care Experts manage many types of skin ulcers, including:

Arterial ulcers

Arterial ulcers occur due to problems with blood flow to the tissue. Arterial ulcers are usually deep, painful wounds with a punched-out appearance.

Venous ulcers

Venous insufficiency is due to damage to your veins such that they are leaky and ineffective at guiding blood back to the heart. You may experience a sensation of heaviness in your legs and notice skin color changes.

Pressure ulcers

Also called bedsores, these ulcers may develop due to prolonged pressure on the skin. Signs of a pressure ulcer include swelling, tenderness, and changes in the skin’s color or texture. 

These patients may be mobility-impaired or bedbound. Patients that spend a significant amount of time at the hospital or other facility are also at risk.

Neuropathic skin ulcers

These ulcers are due to nerve damage (neuropathy). This causes a lack of sensation that predisposes to trauma that may go unnoticed. If you have diabetes, it may result in neuropathy.

Non-healing surgical wounds

There is always a risk of poor healing with any surgical intervention. This includes surgical wounds where the closure falls apart and infection may ensue.

What treatments are available for skin ulcers?

Your treatment will depend on your particular diagnosis. To learn more about treating skin ulcers, call Wound Care Experts or book an appointment online today.